About Ivan Kaufman

An accomplished entrepreneur, Ivan Kaufman has served as a real estate investor and lender in the industry for over three decades. Before founding Arbor National Holdings and Arbor National Mortgage in 1983, Kaufman attended both Boston University and Hofstra School of Law.

Earlier in his professional career, Kaufman built Arbor National Mortgage as one of the top companies in the single-family home finance industry. The company grew to include 25 branches and went public in 1992. Kaufman clearly demonstrated his expertise as an entrepreneur, earning Inc.’s award for an Entrepreneur of the Year in 1990.

Once Arbor National Mortgage was sold to Bank of America in 1995, Ivan Kaufman focused on the rapid growth of Arbor Commercial Mortgage, a national, direct multifamily lender that was later joined in 2004 by sister company Arbor Realty Trust, a publicly traded real estate investment trust. In 2016, Arbor Realty Trust acquired Arbor Commercial Mortgage’s agency lending and loan servicing business, uniting the two companies under one public company.

In the 2000s, Kaufman also re-entered the single-family residential loan marketplace with the acquisition of AMS Servicing and the formation of Arbor Residential Mortgage. In 2013, he participated in a joint venture to acquire AMS Servicing from Arbor Commercial Mortgage and established Seneca Mortgage Investments.

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

In 2012, Kaufman formed AMAC, a multifamily real estate investment company. In 2016, Kaufman launched ArborCrowd, a crowdfunding platform formed to educate investors and provide them with easy access to quality commercial real estate investment opportunities.  ArborCrowd allows accredited investors to make equity investments in individual properties. In this way, investors have a transparent understanding of where their money is going.

Several factors differentiate ArborCrowd from its competitors in the space of commercial real estate crowdfunding platforms. Unlike many crowdfunding companies, ArborCrowd not only understands and uses cutting-edge technology, but has 30 years of experience dealing with every aspect of commercial real estate, including financing, acquisitions, dispositions, servicing, management and development. To learn more about ArborCrowd and its investment opportunities, visit ArborCrowd.com

Throughout his career, Ivan Kaufman has guest lectured on the commercial and residential mortgage sectors. He is a guest speaker at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, Harvard Business School and Columbia University.

Recently, Ivan Kaufman spoke during SiriusXM’s Real Estate Hour with host Sam Chandan of Chandan Economics. Kaufman discussed the growing success and financial benefits of the multifamily small balance loan market and how investors can take advantage.

He also recently launched One on One with Ivan Kaufman, a video series covering current commercial real estate market trends and multifamily market topics.